New Astroworld Coming Soon To Houston

KFOX 95.5

December 6, 2013

Houston is starting to get excited about the new theme park coming to town in March of 2015 but Grand Texas is MORE than just a theme park! It’s an entire DISTRICT of FUN!

It’s going to be up off of 59N/I69 and 242 and it’s going to be on BOTH sides of the freeway! Overall acreage is estimated at 650 acres and it’s going to have much more than just rollercoasters and waterslides.

The plan is in place to have a baseball stadium, a concert venue, hotels & restaurants and a theme park. The vibe they’re going for is an “old time texas” feel and they really want to make it unique to the area. The first parts of the park will be opening in the Spring of 2015, likely, there will be some construction that takes place through the year, as well…

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